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LockViewer.com Core, Lock and Key Management Software

LockViewer.com is a web-based application that allows facilities and institutions to remotely manage locks, cores, doors and keys. Features include an easy-to-use web interface, role-based security, detailed reporting and core management functions. Since LockViewer.com is a web-based application, PC software installation is not required! Key and core management information can be accessed anywhere, anytime. To contact us for more information, or to set up a demo, click here! LockViewer.com is owned and managed by Midwest Security Products, your high security solutions provider.


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LockViewer.com Features

Supports an unlimited number of bulidings and building groups (facilities)
Quickly displays people, keys, keyrings and departments that have access to each building.
View and edit doors, cores, locks and hardware for each building.
For every door in your organization, view which keys, people and departments have access.
Add notes, core and lock information.
Main screen displays keys due back soon, and allows users to issue or return keys with a few mouse clicks.
On screen display of key cutting information.
For every key in your organization, view who they're issued to, and which buildings, doors and cores thay have access to.
Track keys that have been stolen, destroyed or lost.


Using core management software already? Our import functions allow existing data to be imported quickly and easily.
Use your organization's terminology when working with buildings, building groups, and people.
General Information
PC software installation is not required.
Simple, intuitive website navigation. No tabs!
Supports an unlimited number of master key systems.
Notes field for every key, core, door, building, location and facility
Multiple users can access the system at the same time.
Quick search capabilities for all records.
View and edit cores and their location.
Integrated pinning calculator quickly displays pinning information for any core in your system.
Reference cores by people, keys and departments.
Quickly issue and return keys and keyrings.
Search by name, department, title, or building.
Reference people by cores, doors, and buildings.
https SSL website encryption.
User ID, organization ID and password restricted logins.
Allow limited (role-based) web site access.
Key Assignment Reports
Key/Keyring History Reports
Core Assignment Reports
Key Receipt Forms
Key Transfer Forms
Web Event Log Reports
Custom reports can be added as required
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